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This Novel is Dedicated to all Children:
Red, Yellow, Brown, Black, and White
Especially Mia Riley Valentina Christensen

In Loving Memory

Georgia Abrahamian, Charlotte Brewer, Katy Brown, and Patt Law

While I was writing this novel I lost four dear women who believed in my work. Aunt Georgia read the manuscript many times. Her excitement for this story meant the world to me. I wrote her into the text, the universal knight Anders has Georgia’s hair color, and he is Danish, of course. She passed away before I finished, but we talked about how the novel would end. I hold her beaming smile in my heart.

Charlotte was a valuable consultant for my first novel (Emma's Love Letters) and she read 113 pages of this novel’s manuscript. She gave me suggestions for character development, especially for Paints-With-Words. Charlotte has helped many authors; I am honored to have benefited from her expertise and her generous willingness to mentor writers.

My beautiful friend Katy was an awesome support to me for my first novel. She was too ill to read this novel’s manuscript. I told her about my ideas for characters. She would then tell me her ideas. I will always miss her.

Patt wasn’t well enough to read this manuscript. I told her about the story. She encouraged and inspired me. She was a sweetheart and funny, so funny.

Those of you who knew these beautiful women know how amazing they were. They blessed and enriched my life.

My Gratitude

To my husband Tim Christensen: I can't thank you enough for your support, encouragement, terrific sense of humor, and unwavering patience. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever met and I love you. This novel exists because you made it possible for me to write it.

Appreciations, Thanks, and Love

Appreciation is due to many people. I apologize to anyone I have unintentionally neglected to list.

My love and appreciation to Armen Abrahamian. You and Aunt Georgia were so incredible to me while I wrote this novel. You each read it repeatedly, you both gave great advice, and you both had faith in my writing. I love you Uncle Armen, you are the best. You never said “if” it gets published, you always said “when” it gets published.

Love to the Abrahamian family of Truckee and Auburn, California. Thanks for the wonderful encouragement.

Hugs to Lino Alibani.

Hugs to M. J. Allaire.

Hugs to Kelly Allester, Help A Horse Organization.

Hugs to Wilma and Ken Allison.

Warm appreciation to the staff of American Horse Defense Fund.

Warm appreciation to the staff of American Indian Library Association.

Warm appreciation to the staff of American Wild Horse Perservation Campaign.

Warm appreciation to Tchiya Amet.

Warm appreciation to the staff of Ancient Forest International.

Love to David Jonathan Arechiga-Pacini.
(All the way up to the sky forever.)

Love to the Arechiga Family.

Warm appreciation to Louise Arnold.

Hugs to Julia B.

Hugs to Steve Bailey.

Hugs to Allan Benoit.

Warm appreciation to John Bellezza.

Warm appreciation to T. J. Bennett.

Warm appreciation to Pat Bertram.

Hugs to the late Chief Silver Arrow, John Borrero, Jr.

Love to the Broderick Family
(Dennis, Susan & Chad Broderick, and Ryan Frank.)

Hugs to Penny Broussard.

Warm appreciation to the staff of Buffalo Field Campaign.

Warm appreciation to Butterfly Peace & Music Network.

Warm appreciation to Bunny Sings Wolf.

Warm appreciation to Malcolm R. Campbell.

Warm appreciation to Sonny Del Castillo. Thanks so much Sonny!

Warm appreciation to Joan Cerio.

Warm appreciation to Melissa Chandon.

Warm appreciation to Rick Chesler.

Warm appreciation to S.L. Chessor.

Warm appreciation to the staff of Children of the Earth United.

Love and big hugs to Bernida Childers. Bernida, your mentoring, editorial assistance, and encouragement has means so much to me.

Love to the late Bill Childers.

Warm appreciation to Derek Van Choice.

Love to Betty Christensen.

Love to Donna and Bud Christensen.

Love to Tim Christensen, Jr.

Love to Joe Christensen.

Hugs to Matt Cole.

Hugs to Cliff Compton.

Hugs to Erma and Rex Conner.

Tremendous appreciation to Paul Davids.

Hugs to Joan Dean.

Hugs to Keenan Dietiker and family.

Hugs to Francesco D'Isa.

Warm appreciation to M. Scott Douglass.

Hugs and love to Dylan.

Warm appreciation to the staff of Ella Baker Center of Human Rights in Oakland, CA.

Warm appreciation to Roslyn Ellison, Trenchtown Reading Centre in Jamaica.

Hugs to Lorne Epstein.

Warm appreciation to the staff at Farm Aid, especially Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews, and Neil Young.

Warm appreciation and love to Gathering of Nations staff, especially Dr. Lita Mathews.

Warm appreciation to Mark David Gerson.

Warm appreciation to the staff at Giraffe Heroes.

Hugs to Sha' Givens.

Hugs to Tree Good.

Love and hugs to Judy and Chuck Goodrich. Thank you Judy!

Warm appreciation to B. Lynn Goodwin.

Warm appreciation to Al Gore.

Warm appreciation to GRAYWOLF.

Warm appreciation to the staff of Guardian Angels.

Hugs to Rose and and the late Ernie Guiseponi.

Love and hugs to the staff and students of Guitars Not Guns (GNG).

Warm appreciation to Russ Gustafson.

Warm appreciation to Barbara Makeda Blake Hannah.

Hugs to the late Arlo Hansen. Arlo read the manuscript many times!

Hugs and appreciation to Dr. Carol Hansen.

Hugs to Gene Hanten. Gene, thank you for your support and encouragement.

Warm appreciation to Thomas Head.

Warm appreciation to Rami Hilmi.

Hugs to Butch Holcombe.

Hugs to the to the late Ginger and late Harold Hobday.

Warm appreciation to the staff of Horse Rescue United Network.

Warm appreciation to the staff of Horse Warriors.

Warm appreciation to the staff of H.O.W. Journal.

Hugs to the late Earl Hutchens.

Warm appreciation to Sheila Tatum Johnson.

Warm appreciation to the staff of Jolene's Horse Rescue.

Hugs to Deborah Juckes.

Hugs to Julie, Maryland, USA.

Warm appreciation to the staff of Justice Clothing.

Warm appreciation to Ami Kaye.

Hugs to Stacey Kannenberg.

Love to the Kelly family.

Hugs to Jo Kelly.

Hugs to the Kent family.

Warm appreciation to the staff of KidTribe.

Hugs to Aga Korfanty.

Warm appreciation to Sally Kruger.

Love to the Kueffer and Moore Family.

Warm appreciation to Rick Landers, Modern Guitar Magazine.

Hugs to Anthony Matzke.

Hugs to Ken McAlpine.

Warm appreciation to Ryan McCormack.

Big hugs to Tommy Merry. Thank you for believing in my writing and for your encouragement.

Warm appreciation to Billy Merryman. Thank you for your time and your incredible talent.

Warm appreciation to the staff of The Messages Project, especially Carolyn LeCroy.

Warm appreciation to Taylor Mills.

Warm appreciation to the staff of Miracle Horse Rescue.

Hugs to Sue and the late Buck Morgan.

Warm appreciation to Jo Anna Negron.

Hugs to Arlene Neilsen.

Warm appreciation to R. A. Nelson.

Warm appreciation to the staff of My New Red Shoes.

Hugs to Casey O'Connor, The Golden Carrot (Horse) Organization.

Love to Ray O'Connor, San Diego, California, or wherever you are Ray!

Hugs to Opossum.

Love to Barbara and Carlo Pacini.

Love to the late Rina Pacini.

Hugs to Dorothy Parshall.

Warm appreciation to the staff of The Daniel Pearl Foundation.

Hugs to the staff of Personal Ponies International.

Hugs to Trish Powell.

Warm appreciation to the staff of Pump 'Em Up! (The world needs more young people like Savannah Walters.)

Warm appreciation to Qua' ti' si' and James Monahon, Shadagea Music.

Warm appreciation to the staff of The Reading Tub.

Warm appreciation to Martha Redbone.

Warm appreciation to the staff of Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

Warm appreciation to Paula Reed.

Warm appreciation to the staff of Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide.

Hugs to Resonator Ghost.

Warm appreciation to the staff of Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary, especially Neda DeMayo.

Warm appreciation to Ivana Rezek.

Hugs to Eva and the late Tel Roach.

Hugs to Lavon and Jerry Roach.

Warm appreciation to the staff of Rock Against Child Pornography.

Hugs to Heather and Ron Rose.

My love to the Rosebud Reservation children and young adults living on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota.

Hugs to the staff of SaveDaHorses.

Hugs to Gerry Schook.

Hugs to Dorothy Schroeder.

Hugs to Vangie Schumann.

Warm appreciation to J. P. Selman (Nimchira), founder of Web of Life Enterprises, Inc.

Warm appreciation to Audrey Shaffer.

Warm appreciation to the staff of Singing Moon Press.

Hugs to Barbara and Marvin Smith.

Hugs to the staff of SSSSH, Secret Society of Serendipitous Service to Hal.

Warm appreciation to Victoria Strauss.

Hugs to Jerry Swafford.

Hugs to the Sword and the Spirit Band.

Hugs and love to little Tangee.

Hugs to Bogdan Tiganov.

Hugs to Ruthie Taylor.

Warm appreciation to the staff of the Ten Thousand Girls organization, especially Viola Vaughn.

Hugs to Mary Thresher and family.

Love to the youth at Trenchtown Reading Centre in Jamaica.

Hugs to Beth Trissel.

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Hugs to Marlene and Lee Wageman.

Warm appreciation to Nancy Wang.

Warm appreciation to L.B.B. Ward and Jan Ward.

Warm appreciation to Loren Weisman.

Love to the staff of WOLE: Web of Life Enterprizes, Inc.

Love to Donna and Rick Webb.

Love to Bill Webb.

Love to the late Joyce Webb.

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Warm appreciation to the WHY band.

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Warm appreciation to Writers Chat Room.

Big hugs to Dallas Nicole Woodburn.

Warm appreciation to the staff of Wordsmith organization, especially Anu Garg.

Hugs to Kathrine and Frank Wright.