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Tchiya Amet

"Reading The Loose End of the Rainbow is an experience, a journey. I can honestly say that while reading this novel, I had no idea who D. B. Pacini was. I did not review the website or read the author's section on the website until AFTER I finished reading the manuscript. The novel was just a story; for a moment in time, the lessons were reflected in my life and parallel to some of the experiences I was having. In fact, many of my personal experiences mirrored what was unfolding in the novel. Even when I put the manuscript down, whenever I picked it up again, often what I was reading next applied to what was going on in my own world and environment. It was amazing."

"I especially enjoyed the way D. B. Pacini explained terms that were used in the story. I know how attached we can be to our heritage identity, but it was refreshing to see the composite of what we generally identify today as 'Native American,' with no division or separation. I know that there is concern behind the concept of One World, One Love, One Nation, One Galaxy, etc. Some people fear that they will no longer exist independently and be unique. I feel that in unity and diversity, we can reach our highest potential as human beings. I enjoyed reading this story because it offers hope for the day when we can live together, in harmony and with respect, but only after much purification, growth, loss, and spiritual development. There are spiritual gems and lessons in this story that obviously came from a high and loving place. It is a reminder that not everyone will make it, and that we must never give up."

"I liked how the youth are portrayed as natural born leaders. Sometimes, adults forget that youth are very close to the Spirit. We do not listen to their pure wisdom often enough. In this story, there are no elders to tell them what to do. They just know. This ability applies to the young-at-heart, and to all Children of the Universe. Sometimes, we donít listen to, or hear ourselves! This story reminds us that we should."

"I feel that anyone who reads The Loose End of the Rainbow will come away with an experience and with wisdom that was not recognized before. The wisdom is within us all. This novel is a shining light revealing it inside us. This was my experience."

Tchiya Amet
(Cherokee Moor/Blackfoot)
Indigenous Reggae Singer/Songwriter
Recording and Performing Artist
Cultural Astronomer

At the time of this review, Tchiya Amet is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, recording her third album, Celestial Folk Music. The upcoming release combines her three greatest passions: Reggae music, the universal celestial culture that we share, and her native heritage. She is also extensively involved with her research project: Introduction to the Indigenous Galactic World View. In this compelling investigation, she explores and shares the celestial and galactic connection between the pyramid cultures of Egypt, the Dogon/Sirius Culture of Mali, and the numerous cultures and civilizations that have emerged from the Ancient Olmecas of Turtle Island. Much of her research is documented on her website: tchiya.com

With her research and through her music, Tchiya Amet hopes to help promote Unity to Turtle Island (North, Central, and South America) and to shed light on the ancient connections between Africa and the rest of the World. She is also writing a travel guide for those wishing to visit the Sacred Olmec sites. In 2008, she hopes to begin conducting sightseeing, lecture, and musical tours, for those wishing to experience this magical awakening of the Sacred Olmec sites for themselves.




To listen to Tchiya's music click here:


Pat Bertram

"When the adults of their tribe mysteriously disappear, seventeen-year-olds White Eagle and Paints-With-Words are left in charge of the children. Fulfilling a prophecy, they all set out on a mythic journey to the loose end of the rainbow. Along the way, they encounter mentors and allies who help them overcome their ordeals and, at the end, they discover that all colors of people must work together to bring peace and harmony to the world."

"The Loose End of the Rainbow, an inspirational and thought-provoking story, shows D.B. Paciniís respect for both young people and the traditional ways. It also fulfills the fantasy of many young adults today, who wish that their parents would simply vanish (or at least leave them alone) and let them get on with their own lifeís journey."

Pat Bertram, author of More Deaths Than One and A Spark of Heavenly Fire, is a native of Colorado and a lifelong resident. Bertram's novels are available from Second Wind Publishing LLC.








Bunny Sings Wolf

"Nature speaks her luminous teachings through D.B. Paciniís artful and prolific word craft, as surprising, whimsical, and rich as moss-covered stones, so fresh and firm in good philosophy at first glance, yet deeply under-layered with hues of solid life-honoring thought, a beauty and stability of which caresses the sacred. The Loose End of the Rainbow arrives just in time to captivate, inspire, and remind us of the truths we knew for certain when we were five-years-old, but were reasoned out of."

"In this multi-cultural fantasy we are taken by the hand and led into an ancient time before races were divided and man felt at odds with the gifts, teachings, and processes embedded in all created expressions and life forms."

"Current stereotypes are challenged as, through these pages, one realizes again, it is not a crime to be unique, nor is there any intrinsic usefulness to feeling at odds with our talents, our race, our culture, our 'ways' of doing things, nor any imagined boundaries that separate us from all our relations in the oneness, the great vast and exciting web of life."

"I believe it is true, that nature speaks, and I'm grateful that this author has listened and translated it through this story for all ages, not only for us to enjoy but perhaps even to return to and live by again. I feel that if we can still rightly call ourselves Human, that Human-kind needs this rebirthing into such ancient and wise perspectives, back to the simple sensibleness of cooperation and respect the heroes in this story accept as naturally as a breath of fresh air. The truth is, perhaps, that we are not at 'loose ends' after-all, for this story gently points into a future we all know must just be over the horizon. Mitakuye Oyasin Ė all my relations."

Bunny Sings Wolf, Performing Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist, and Native American Flute Player.


Malcolm R. Campbell

"The Loose End of the Rainbow is a wonderful book about long ago that speaks gently and lovingly to today's young adult readers. When two teens, White Eagle and Paints-With-Words, must lead the children across America to the loose end of the rainbow after the adults suddenly disappear, grit, faith and great deeds are required. To reach their destination--a world of sunshine 'where dreamers dream their most amazing dreams'--the tribe will be tested in many ways as every hero is tested en route to the treasures he or she is seeking."

"The children must not only have faith in the wisdom and leadership of their young leaders, but in themselves as well, as Pacini places before them a very plausible landscape filled with joys and dangers. The story, of course, speaks of a physical journey, but on a psychological level, this quest is a rite of passage everyone faces as they leave the safety of home and parents and everything familiar to them and step into the unknown to find out who they are and where they belong in the world."

"Pacini has woven a delightful and inspiring mythic tale. Surely, White Eagle and Paints-With-Words called out to her from centuries past and asked her to bring to life their heroic journey to The Loose End of the Rainbow."

Malcolm R. Campbellís book, Worst of Jock Stewart, is a cynical, sarcastic, and randomly humorous look at real and/or imagined news, irreverently crafted to look like newspapers would look if they could get away with it. His wonderful novel, The Sun Singer, is a mythological and adventurous fantasy tale about a teenagerís determination to complete a fantastic and magical quest his beloved and wise grandfather began long ago. Malcolm R. Campbell is a contributing writer for north Georgiaís Living Jackson Magazine.





Derek Van Choice

"If you were to look upon your own child what might you most wish to see? Selflessness, patience, wisdom, compassion, courage, tolerance, kindness, strength, and a respect and awareness for life itself are surely some of the qualities youíd hope to find. Through vivid imagery and a great sense of the finite and the infinite, D.B. Pacini provides a magical pathway to all of the above for anyone having the fortune to read this enchanting novel."

All too often it is only later in life that we finally begin to gain an appreciation for our elders, our guiding life force, the ground below, and our fellow human beings. The Loose End of the Rainbow offers these insights much earlier to young readers, and provides an open window into a future that can be changed for the better. This inspiring story provides the seeds of unity and an understanding of things that so desperately needs to be planted and allowed to blossom in the hearts of young people. It is a living gift of friendship and of love that should to be shared."

Derek Van Choice is a life-long musician, artist, producer, videographer/editor, maker of fine Japanese shakuhachi, and owns a music equipment manufacturing business in San Diego County.


Intensely Creative Audio/Visual Production



Obscure Rack Filler Panels
for the Recording Industry


Inga Shakuhachi, Art, Music
and the Sound of Bamboo

Mark David Gerson

ďThe Loose End of the Rainbow is a lyrical fable, alive with spiritual truths.Ē

Mark David Gerson is an internationally recognized author, speaker, mentor, and coach whose inspirational writings are read in more than two dozen countries. He is the author of the award winning novel, The MoonQuest: A True Fantasy, and of The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write, a book and companion 2-CD set of writing inspiration, instruction, and practice.


B. Lynn Goodwin

"D. B. Paciniís novel, The Loose End of the Rainbow, is imaginative and extraordinarily well researched. The story honors the supernatural gifts of White Eagle and Paints-With-Words, two seventeen-year-olds, who lead a cross-continental trek to the magical loose end of the rainbow after all the adults in their tribe vanish when a fever sweeps across their land."

"Share their fantastic adventures and discover a unique world where detailed nuggets of American Indian life and fantasy intersect. Paciniís enchanting story reveals her love for children and her respect for North Americaís original residents."

B. Lynn Goodwin is a freelance writer whose book, You Want Me To Do What? Ė Journaling for Caregivers, will be out in December 2008. She facilitates workshops that help caregivers journal, writes reviews and author interviews for Writer Advice, edits the e-zine, and coordinates Writer Adviceís Flash Prose Contest. In the last two years, she has also judged prose for the Pleasanton Poetry Festival and short stories for Tiny Lights.

She is published in Hip Mama, the Oakland Tribune, the Contra Costa Times, the Danville Weekly, Staying Sane When Youíre Dieting, Small Press Review, Dramatics Magazine, and numerous e-zines.

B. Lynn Goodwin publishes and serves as Managing Editor for Writer Advice. She is also a reviewer for Small Press Review (Dustbooks), and a California Writers Club (CWC) columnist.

Email her for more information about: You Want Me to Do What? -- Journaling for Caregivers presented by Writer Advice.



Barbara Makeda Blake Hannah

"The Loose End of the Rainbow is an unusual and delightful story that will inspire people of all ages. The life and culture of the Native American peoples is brilliantly illustrated by D.B.Paciniís vivid prose and the adventure the children undertake to reach the loose end of the rainbow is a metaphor that will give insights on how to conquer lifeís adversities and trials. This is a tale for children (and adults) of all cultures and peoples."

Barbara Makeda Blake Hannah is a Jamaican author, filmmaker, and public speaker. She is the author of Rastafari - The New Creation (first book on the religion by a member of the faith) and the novel Joseph - A Rasta Reggae Fable.

Jamaica Media Productions

Julie (Maryland, USA)

"I read The Loose End of the Rainbow twice and it's sooo good! I don't have a favorite part though! Cause it was just really really good!"

"But my favorite characters are White Eagle and his horse Thunderbolt! I also like how White Eagle can talk to animals! I really like the book!"

"It was so interesting and exciting! I loved every part of it! Thanks for letting my read it! It is definitely one of my favorite books so far! It's amazing! I also like the names you used! Like the bug named Sky Dancer- I love that name! I really like the story, its SO GOOD!"


Julie is thirteen-years-old. She loves horses and dogs. She has a horse named Jenny and a dog named Annie. Julie loves reading, and has read many of the Harry Potter books. English is her favorite school subject. She loves animals and wants to be a veterinarian when she gets older.

Dr. Lita Mathews

ďI read The Loose End of the Rainbow on a train. It was a special place to read such a novel. I loved the story and found it wonderfully rich with goodness. It was delightful, yet thought provoking in that it makes me wonder why the world cannot be colorless when it comes to race. I look forward to meeting this author someday. She is an unmet friend, one that loves all people as I do, equally.Ē

Dr. Lita Mathews is the Co-Founder of GATHERING OF NATIONS. It has been said by many that the GATHERING OF NATIONS POWWOW is the Mecca of Indian Country; while others have said that there is a magic about the "Gathering".

Many people from around the world have made the GON powwow one of their yearly travel destinations. Since 1983, it has grown to become more than just a powwow; it's an experience!

Held each spring at the University of New Mexico Arena in the "Pit," the GON powwow has blossomed into the most enjoyable, cultural, and entertaining native festival in North America. There you can shop at the impressive Indian Trader's Market, sample the best of native foods, and hear native music on Powwow Alley.

2008: This year the powwow was presented on April 24-27th. To learn more about this once-a-year cultural festival, Miss Indian World, A POWWOW SUMMER ACROSS NORTH AMERICA by Dr. Lita Mathews (available in paperback book and in audio book), COOKING VEGETARIAN with Melonie Mathews (available in paperback book), and for additional information about the GATHERING OF NATIONS organization, including purpose, activities, photographs, and accomplishments, please visit their website.


Qua' ti' si'

"D. B. Pacini is a true pociyikimi citiyoyotiki (story teller)! The Loose End of the Rainbow is an extraordinary novel with characterizations that are consistently superb. Pacini's descriptive powers match her excellent visual imagination. She has given us a terrific learning and adventurous story."

Qua' ti' si', Shadagea Music


"Qua' ti' si', a member of the Cree Nation, is an exquisite international performing artist. Her music is a gift from the Creator honed to perfection by her loving and musically talented father. She is a beautiful and reflective woman whose tender phrasing delivers her songs as beacons of light with mystique and confidence borne from a strong and unbroken connection with her culture."

"Qua' ti' si' has opened for many well-known performing artists around the country. She loves and admires American Indian music and strives to help people experience and understand her native roots. In 2002, with her band, Spirits of the Wind, she was nominated 'Best Independent Recording Artist of the Year' by the Native American Music Awards and has since won or received nominations for many awards."

James E. Monahon
Tennessee Music Producer, Shadagea Music


2005 Winner Folk/Country Award:
Native American Music

2005 & 2006 ISMA Nominee

Native American Music
Awards Nominee:
2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Silver Arrow Award Winner:
2004, 2005, 2006

Nomination Candidate, 2006 Grammy



Photo by Trel Brock

Martha Redbone

"D.B. Paciniís The Loose End of the Rainbow is a beautiful tale of fantasy-fiction packed with the kind of earth-bound life lessons so needed by our young people today. Vivid imagery takes you on journeys with unexpected twists and turns; at times I felt as if I were holding tight on a rollercoaster ride!"

"This story is multi-cultural, humanitarian, transcends space and time, and yet is written with great admiration and respect for the traditional life ways of the Native American in particular. It is plain to see that Pacini is a champion of nature and all humankind. I am honored to have been asked to read this wonderful manuscript. For me D.B. Pacini finds an ingenious way to make the loose ends meet! An enchanting read."

Martha Redbone (Choctaw/Shawnee/Cherokee) is a mutli-award winning recording artist and community activist. Her music, Native Soul, is an infusion of R&B roots mixed with traditional music that honors the beauty and heritage of her people. As a spokesperson for the National HIV/AIDS Partnership in Washington DC, alongside other high profile Native Americans Adam Beach, Wilma Mankiller, Rita Coolidge, Martha Redbone is an advocate for awareness and disease prevention among teens in Indian country.


Nancy Wang

"When I began reading The Loose End of the Rainbow - which by the way is a lovely title - I thought I was reading a treatment for a movie. But soon enough, I was SEEING the movie in the wide screen of my mind! The scenes are simply yet vividly written and become very beautiful and satisfying in my mind's eye. Lots of good stuff in this! How wonderful if we humans were as compassionate and altruistic today as they are in this story. Let's go for it!"

Nancy Wang, Eth-Noh-Tec (San Francisco, CA.)
Along with her husband Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo, Nancy Wang has been the co-founding director of Eth-Noh-Tec, an Asian American performing arts non-profit, since 1982. Together they have created a unique form of storytelling, weaving music, movement, and the spoken word, taking audiences on a fantastic adventure into the many lands of Asia through the world of folktales and mythology. While Robert is the researcher, Nancy is the choreographer. Together they write their scripts and perform their ancient Asian and Asian American stories around the world. They have garnered many awards and present over 250 performances a year. In addition to performances, their workshops, dvds, and cds share their mission to build cultural bridges that celebrate diversity, embrace humanity, and create compassionate communities.

Nancy is also a psychotherapist with a San Francisco private practice.


Loren Weisman

"The Loose End of the Rainbow, written by D.B. Pacini, draws from a spectrum of thoughts and principles that bridge an exciting world of fictional fantasy with valuable lessons and ideals that should be unanimously embraced globally. White Eagle and Paints-With-Words, both seventeen, begin their task to lead children from all four corners of the world to the colorful loose end of the rainbow where they wish to dwell in harmony as equal people. Under the attentive guidance of these two young leaders the reader embarks on an unpredictable journey full of adventure, challenges, poignant heartbreak, and deserved triumphs. The universal insights offered in this fictional tale shares with our intellect a basic and simple truth that our spirits already know---each of us should strive to do our part to insure that all people be respected, valued, and treated equally."

Loren Weisman, an accomplished national music producer based in Seattle, Washington, has worked on 300+ albums, numerous television, film, video game and radio productions, in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, and other cities. He is the founder of Brain Grenade Entertainment LLC, and the author of Freedom Solutions Recording Plan. His book, currently pending publication, The Artistís Guide for Success in the Music Business will help independent musicians achieve self sufficient and sustainable success.





Tommy Wildcat

"Oseeo folks, The Loose End of the Rainbow is very good for the imagination of young people to broaden their horizons. It is one of the most intense novels I have ever read and is a humanitarian story for all people."

Tommy Wildcat (Park Hill, Oklahoma)
Tommy Wildcat, a full blood Cherokee, is a nationally respected performing artist, flute player, flute maker, lecturer, and storyteller. Tommy's unique music promotes the beauty of Native American culture and honors the heritage of the Cherokee people.

Tommy owns, Warrior's Spirit Productions, with his twin sister Tammy. They gained national attention with their dance troupe, Dancers of Fire, during appearances in:

Discovery Channel's
(award winning mini-series):
How the West was Lost
(Cherokee Trail of Tears Episode)

Schlegender Productions:
The Cherokee People

Grey Stone Productions:
The Trail of Tears

The Cherokee Keetoowas

Tommy also appeared in
TNT's Tecumseh:
The Last Warrior


Dallas Woodburn
(California, USA)

"The Loose End of the Rainbow is one of those rare books that intrigues you with its title, captivates you from its opening paragraph, and never lets up until its colorful and unexpected end. Vividly drawn and expertly crafted, readers cannot help but sink into the world Pacini illuminates, in a time before America was called America. I relate to the vibrant, strong, and intriguing characters. They seem like people I know even though they live in an ancient world much different from our modern world of today."

"Young readers will benefit from this remarkable story -- not only does Pacini empower and uplift youth and young adults with the promise of hope and equality, she also subtly provides interesting information about American Indian people. Additionally, she gently communicates environmental concerns (particularly about global warming) and addresses earth protecting responsibilities that we all should share with her."

"I especially enjoyed learning about American Indian tee-pees, different types of native roots and medicinal herbs used by native peoples, and the beautiful Apache wedding prayer. Most of the novel's main characters are children and young adults. Every teacher should order this book for his or her class!"


Author Dallas Woodburn is a 21-year-old senior at the University of Southern California. She has also studied writing abroad at Cambridge University and the University of East Anglia in England. She has been a guest on the CBS Early Show, with host Hannah Storm. She is the youngest author ever featured on the nationally-syndicated PBS book talk show, Between the Lines. Her short fiction has been published in Cicada and The Hudson Valley Literary Magazine. Writing awards include a Gold Medal in The Scholastic Art and first place in both the national Byline Magazine Short Story Contest and Letís Write Short Fiction Contest. In addition, she has written articles for: The Los Angeles Times, Ventura County Star, Family Circle, Writer's Digest, The Writer, CO-ED, Listen, Justine, Encounter, So, You Wanna Be a Writer?, and four issues of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, including Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul IV, and Chicken Soup for the Girl's Soul. She wrote a feature-length play for her high school production, and is writing a one-act play script for the USC One-Act Play Festival.

In her spare time she teaches online writing courses for teens at: http://learning.absynthemuse.com and she is coordinator-workshop instructor for the Young Writers Program at the prestigious Santa Barbara Writers Conference.

In 2000, Woodburn established her nonprofit foundation, "Write On!" to encourage youth to discover the joys of reading and writing. The website features essay contests, book reviews, helpful writing prompts, author interviews, and pages for young authors to showcase their writing. She holds an annual Holiday Book Drive and in the past few years has collected thousands of new books that she donates to underprivileged kids.

To sign up for her free "Write On!" monthly e-newsletter, or to receive information about starting a "Write On!" chapter in your community, please send an e-mail to: dallaswoodburn@aol.com