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Billy Merryman

Bill Merryman

Color Poster:
The Loose End of the Rainbow

Draft Artwork:
The Loose End of the Rainbow

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Billy Merryman was born in Fort Pierce, Florida, in June, 1971. Since childhood he has had a promising talent for drawing and painting. At Tampa Technical Institute, Merryman honed his commercial art illustration and graphic design skills. He has been a professional illustrator and graphic designer for more than twenty years.

Since 1996, he has been a top designer and art manager for Vanity Fair Corp. At VF, Billy has designed for every major sports league as well as co-licenses such as Universal Studios, Nickelodeon, Lucas Film Ltd., and ESPN. Merryman has enjoyed many exciting projects and collaborations. He illustrated the wonderful children's book, The Adventures of Alexandra by Claudette (CeCe) M. Jensen. He also inked a comic book, Realm Quest.

He collaborate with D.B. Pacini on the promotional poster for The Loose End Of The Rainbow. After reading the manuscript, Merryman created the draft artwork and composite poster featured on this website. He enjoyed enhancing the imaginative story with character illustrations.

The artwork book cover for The Loose End of the Rainbow was provided by a Singing Moon Press staff artist because of a publishing contract requirement. D.B. Pacini will have Merryman design the book cover when she publishes this novel again in the future.

Design and corporate identity also plays a very important role in Merryman’s career. Most recently he has had the opportunity to work with many young up and coming companies such Flip Fluffs and Constants Surf & Turf. Billy continues to strive for excellence in his work and remains open to new and creative collaborations.