11th Reading


Jim Turner & D.B. Pacini

Jim Turner Biography:

"The greatest thing that ever happened to me: in 1925 I was born at a very early age in a South Carolina village. I grew up happily unaware of Great Depression hardships. After high school I spent three years of World War Two in Navy dive bombers. I earned a BA in humanities in 1950 at the University of Missouri. I took a few odd jobs, then moved to California in 1953 and eventually became editor of the Lodi News-Sentinel. In 1962 I opened Lodiís first bookstore, which has now disappeared. After another run of odd jobs, I think Iím a poet."

D.B. Pacini Biography:

"I am a published writer and reviewer. I write novels, novellas, short stories, poetry, songs, literary reviews, and music reviews. I am a vocalist and a creative arts photographer with a passion for photographing live performances. Many of my photographs are on web sites and in print publications. In 2004 I started A Starry Night Productions with my husband Tim Christensen."

D.B. Paciniís E-Mail:

A Starry Night Productions:


"Old Blue Sweater"
A favorite Jim Turner poem.

Featured Poets Jim Turner & D.B. Pacini

Tim Christensen

David Voytek

David & Michael Voytek

Jim Turner

D.B. Pacini

Door prize raffle drawing.

Refreshments and socializing break.

Birthday cakes for our two honored guests
Bernie Brooks & Ardy Wright.

We're celebrating Vincent van Gogh's birthday too.

Birthday Girl Ardy Wright and David Voytek.

Tim Christensen sings Marty Robin's
"My Woman, My Woman, My Wife,"
a favorite song of Ardy Wright's.

Tim Christensen

Wallace Condon Co-Host of A Starry Night Poetry Series.

Royelle Diamond

Lessie Bond

Bobbie Landau

Malen Stroh

David Voytek

Jim Turner's flowers.