12th Reading


3rd SUNDAY 04-17-11

Taylor Graham

Taylor Graham lives outside of Placerville, CA with her husband, Hatch (also a poet), two German Shepherds trained for search-and-rescue, two untrainable cats, and five sheep. The dogs, cats, and sheep may be poets too, but they donít share their verse in English.

Taylor and Hatch are native Californians, but Hatchís work with the Forest Service took them to Alaska and Virginia before they came back to settle in El Dorado County. They began training their dogs for search and rescue in 1975 in Alaska. The dogs donít do searches anymore, but they still train weekly. German Shepherds donít understand retirement.

Taylorís poems have appeared in The Iowa Review, Poetry International, Southern Humanities Review, Tule Review, the anthology California Poetry: From the Gold Rush to the Present, and elsewhere. Her collection, The Downstairs Dance Floor was awarded the Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize from Texas Review Press. Sixteen of her collections have been published by various small presses.

Her latest Ė Walking with Elihu: poems on Elihu Burritt, the Learned Blacksmith Ė is available on Amazon.

Summerset Sunset

Featured poet Taylor Graham

D.B. Pacini introduces Taylor Graham.

Featured poet, Taylor Graham

Hatch Graham's retired search-and-rescue dog.

Wallace Condon

Hatch Graham

Wallace Condon introduces Colette Disford.

Colette Disford

Jerry Swafford

Lessie Bond

Wallace Condon introduces John Spagnola.

John Spagnola

Tim Christensen

Taylor Graham gives an encore reading.

Taylor Graham's spring flowers.