7th Reading


We were honored to have Ashley Hook, age 22, serve as guest hostess for our Young Adult Poets Showcase. Ashley is an accomplished poet, and she was an extraordinary hostess for this special showcase.

The young adults who read blew our listening audience away with their talent, wit, humor, tenderness, strength, passion, and insightfulness. They took the afternoon into their hands and unwrapped it like a special present for us. One audience member said that most people have a few remarkable days in their lives that are so splendid they'll never forget them. She said she would never forget these five young adult poets and what they so eloquently shared.

It was a great privilege to attend this showcase. We thank Ashley Hook, Danielle Keady, Brandon Hertzog, Chris Burnett, and Raymond Brooks for sharing their work with us.

Ashley Hook's book of poetry, Licorice , was published July 15, 2010.

D.B. Pacini introduces Ashley Hook.

Guest Hostess Ashley Hook

Danielle Keady

Brandon Hertzog

Chris Burnett

Raymond Brooks

D.B. Pacini requesting David Voytek to read a poem.

David Voytek was guest host of our teen showcase last month.

Gifts of backpacks filled with materials for writers.

William "Pappy" Sedgeman

Jim Turner

Wallace Condon

Bernie Brooks

Ashley's vivacious flowers.