We are friends with countless musicians, with other creative artists, and with many caring people. We know that your talents and skills are enormous. We urge you to help one of these organizations. You know what your talents and skills are, please read the information provided here, contact one of the organizations, and ask how you can help.

They will be happy to work with you so you can volunteer in a way that fits your schedule. Every dollar helps. Every donated hour of volunteering helps. Please do not discount or underestimate your value if you do not have substantial funds to donate or much time that you can volunteer. Small financial donations combined together will add up. A few hours of volunteering from one person, then another, then another, will add up. Collectively, we can make an impressive difference.

Please share information about these organizations with your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Ask them to do the same.

When a rock is thrown into a lake it makes an immediate and dramatic splash, but afterwards many ripples from that initial impact continue to undulate out, wider and wider. We urge you to be a ripple, continue spreading the word about these organizations. They deserve our help. Thank you.



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