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By D.B. Pacini
March 17, 2014

D.B. Pacini & Cliff Compton

(Cliff Compton - Sign In To Review)

(Cliff Compton & Mountain Top)

(California Bluegrass Association)

A Starry Night Sanctuary
(Cliff Compton Biography)

Playing on the Right Side of the Grass
(Book by Cliff Compton)

Fignting the Devil
(Book by Cliff Compton)

I first heard Cliff Compton's music about nine years ago. He is one of my favorite musicians in the San Joaquin and Sacramento region. I could listen to him sing until the cows come home, but it is Cliff's unique poetry set to music, his remarkable songwriting skills, and his appreciation for people that capture my heart most.

Cliff Compton is an organic and fluid musician to the core of his being. He is a passionate vocalist. He is an inspiring poet. He is a clever, humorous, and profound songwriter. As a human being, he is an intensely humble and an enormously generous man, a grateful Christian, with energy that is beyond description.

I heard Cliff playing with Mountain Top in March, 2014. They were fantastic. The band for that concert was Renee Kavon, Dave Reitz, and Dave Lange. Mark Peet sat in as their guest banjo player.

Cliff bonds with people in an impressive way; you don't meet and then forget Cliff. He embraces people, sinners and saints, with a bear hug of acceptance, and he weaves colorful threads of himself into the tapestry of each life he encounters. He is a creative link that connects and enlarges us.

Donna Pacini-Christensen
Our Photographer

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