Paul Davids' Review


Paul Davids

"Regarding Emma's Love Letters, congratulations on writing a novel that is a heart-felt fountain of human emotion, an intensely honest examination that conveys a woman's life well-lived, and the role of love in shaping life's most difficult choices. Your style is sensitive, caring, and poetic in its beauty. As a writer, you at once establish a bond of trust and intimacy with your readers."

"Your story above all shows that in spite of a very human quest of a gifted woman to seek, to find, to love, and to live life to the fullest, fate is the unseen player that weaves through the decades of life, delivering competing moments of unfathomable sorrow and heights of self-confirmation and gratifying joy."

"Your book is a comforting affirmation that despite all of its pain and sorrow, life is a sweet gift worth living, and that personal triumphs, big and small, sometimes come when least expected."