Silvana Andrade

Silvana Andrade has had a successful 35-year career in journalism and communications, which has culminated in the her founding ANDA (Animal Rights News Agency, the name in English), Latin America's first animal rights news agency. The NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) is dedicated to the distribution of news regarding animal rights, social justice, environmental protection, and compassion for all living things.

Since 2008, ANDA has transformed the news media in Brazil related to animals, and has a readership of almost 1.5 million visitors per month. Its motto is "inform to transform." ANDA has been inspiring others to launch blogs and other websites in Brazil featuring animals rights issues. Some of the high-profile articles on the ANDA website get close to 150,000 likes on Facebook, and the mainstream media consults ANDA as a credible source of news and information. In addition, ANDA provides free content for news portals, including the second largest one in Brazil, R7.

Silvana Andrade has influenced legislation and public policy in Brazil by advising members of the National Congress and the State Congress of São Paulo. She has spoken before the National Congress, the State Congress, the Public Prosecutor's Office, and has been presented numerous times at international and national conferences in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Europe, Canada, and Brazil.

She is the editor of two books, and is frequently interviewed for various types of media. Prior to launching ANDA, she has worked as an editor-in-chief, editor, reporter, director of journalistic production, and as a communications consultant.

She proposed the idea of Bill 337/2006, which authorizes the Executive Branch to create public veterinary hospitals in the state of São Paulo. Silvana Andrade is vegan and the co-founding member of the Vegan Society in Brazil.

She promotes professionalism, ethics, integrity, respect, sustainability, and non-violence as core values in her work.