2019: Tim Christensen and D.B. (Donna) Pacini-Christensen have been married since 2004. They are lifelong admirers of the artist Vincent van Gogh. They started A Starry Night Productions together in 2004 and almost always have Vincent van Gogh art associated with their creative arts endeavors.

Tim, a retired high school English teacher, is a guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, photographer, and web designer.

Donna is a vocalist and a published writer. She writes novels, novellas, short stories, poetry, songs, and literary/music reviews. She has a passion for photographing live performances. Many of her music photographs are on websites and in print publications.

For eleven years Tim and Donna co-hosted monthly open mic music showcases, numerous poetry showcases, and assisted with monthly bluegrass music jams. For nearly a decade Tim and Donna have performed approximately ten times each month at senior rehabilitation and senior care facilities. They also perform at private events.

01-01-21: As you all know, 2020 was apocalyptic. Don't listen to people who say that 2021 will not be better. 2021 will be better, not only in the form of a hypodermic needle of hope, but it will also be better with a desperately needed sane, competent, and empathetic president, Joe Biden. Please get out of your tribe and communicate with one another to find common ground to build upon. We all need to strive to be our better selves.

Happy New Year,
Donna & Tim

D.B. Pacini-Christensen