By D. B. Pacini-Christensen

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Child's Lullaby

Written by D.B. Pacini-Christensen & Recorded by Tim Christensen
© All Rights Reserved

I wrote the lyrics to this lullaby in December 1981 for my son. I sing it without instrumental accompaniment to "Brahms’ Lullaby" composed by Johannes Brahms in 1868. I dedicate this song and picture book to homeless children, children living in foster care, children of police officers, firefighters, and first-responders, children of our military men and women, refugee children, asylum-seeking children, and children suffering from fires, super storms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.

Most of the text in this book is Comic Sans 18-font bold. It is a popular font for visually impaired and dyslexic readers. It is also a font many young readers can read with ease.

Starry Night Encyclopedia: We will include a unique encyclopedia created especially for children and teens very soon. It will contain interesting and little known facts about animals, insects, and enchanting creatures, some of which are imaginary. We urge children and teens always to read a comprehensive encyclopedia resource if they are researching, but also, to review our encyclopedia. We do not claim to be an exhaustive, complete source about any listing in our encyclopedia. Rather, we intend to provide little known facts, entertaining anecdotes, and we wish to help debunk false myths and claims.

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D.B. Pacini-Christensen

2019: D.B. Pacini-Christensen is a vocalist and a published writer. She writes novels, novellas, short stories, poetry, songs, and literary/music reviews. She has a passion for photographing live performances. Many of her music photographs are on websites and in print publications. For eleven years she and her husband Tim have co-hosted a monthly open mic music showcase. They have also co-hosted numerous poetry showcases. In 2004 they started A Starry Night Productions.

Book Editing
Layout - Cover Design

By Tim Christensen

2019: Tim Christensen, a retired high school English teacher, is a guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, photographer, and web designer.

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We did our best to give credit to the original photographers and illustrators for the images included in this book. If we have not properly credited an original photographer or illustrator, please notifiy us and we will make the appropriate changes necessary.


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Front & Back Book Covers
Tim Christensen

Book Cover Music Notes/Front: bulba1

Book Cover Music Notes

Book Cover/Front
Mother & Child: geralt

Book Cover/Front
Mother & Child

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Original Color Background

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Book Cover Music Notes

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By Tim Christensen

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Tim Christensen

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Blue/Yellow Art

Musical Birds-On-Wire: Kaz

Musical Birds-On-Wire

Mother & Child Color Image: Tim Christensen

Mother & Child: OpenClipart-Vectors

Mother & Child

Mother Horse & Baby: skeeze

Mother Horse & Baby

Mother Cow & Baby: marmax

Mother Cow & Baby

Mother Polar Bear & Baby: skeeze

Mother Polar Bear & Baby

Mother Zebra & Baby: Patrizia08

Mother Zebra & Baby

Mother Duck & Baby: MabelAmber

Mother Duck & Baby

Mother Mountain Goat & Babies: Gellinger

Mother Mountain Goat & Babies

Mother Opossum & Babies: daynaw3990

Mother Opossum & Babies

Mother Goose & Babies: MabelAmber

Mother Goose & Babies

Mother Lioness & Baby: Sponchia

Mother Lioness & Baby

Mother Monkey & Baby: ariesa66

Mother Monkey & Baby

Mother Lemur & Babies: Alexas_Fotos

Mother Lemur & Babies

Baby Chimpanzee & Mother: stefaanroelofs

Baby Chimpanzee & Mother

Mother Meerkat & Baby: trebleclefmusic

Mother Meerkat & Baby

Mother Swan & Baby: pixel2013

Mother Swan & Baby

Mother Dog & Puppy: JacLou

Mother Dog & Puppy

Mother Cat & Kitten: JacLou

Mother Cat & Kitten

Mother Sloth & Baby: Glueckauf_Wanderlust

Mother Sloth & Baby

Mother Koala & Baby: FotoshopTofs

Mother Koala & Baby

Mother Kangaroo & Baby: Alexas_Fotos

Mother Kangaroo & Baby

Mother White Heron & Babies: paulbr75

Mother White Heron & Babies

Mother Elephant & Baby: 85556

Mother Elephant & Baby

Mother Coati & Baby: Pixies

Mother Coati & Baby

Gorilla & Baby: GerMai

Gorilla & Baby

Mother Bear & Baby: Barbara Jackson

Mother Bear & Baby

Mother Crane Bird & Baby: Mariamichelle

Mother Crane Bird & Baby

Mother Great Crested Grebe Bird: EvgeniT

Mother Great Crested Grebe Bird

Mother Giraffe & Baby: 12019

Mother Giraffe & Baby

Mother Rhinoceros & Baby: Gellinger

Mother Rhinoceros & Baby

Mother Sea Lion & Baby: Gellinger

Mother Sea Lion & Baby

Mother Flamingo & Baby: jamiessg

Mother Flamingo & Baby

Mother Penguin & Babies: 12019

Mother Penguin & Babies

Mother Duck & Babies: skeeze

Mother Duck & Babies

Mother Hen & Chick: rmpelicano

Mother Hen & Chick

Mother Hippopotamus & Baby: veverkolog

Mother Hippopotamus & Baby

Mother Dolphin & Baby: 12019

Mother Dolphin & Baby

Mother Donkey & Baby: ranrouha

Mother Donkey & Baby

Mother Elephant & Baby: designerpoint

Mother Elephant & Baby

Mother Orangutan & Baby: 7103983

Mother Orangutan & Baby

Mother Seal & Baby: bodsa

Mother Seal & Baby

Mother Goose & Babies: ArtTower

Mother Goose & Babies

Mother Horse & Baby: PixelwunderByRebecca

Mother Horse & Baby

Mother Lemur & Baby: MarkThomas

Mother Lemur & Baby

Mother Bird & Baby: Leeyoungku

Mother Bird & Baby

Mother Zebra & Baby: christels

Mother Zebra & Baby

Mother Stork Bird & Babies: Sponchia

Mother Stork Bird & Babies

Mother Lamb & Baby: Bru-nO

Mother Lamb & Baby

Mother Gazelle & Baby: Alexas_Fotos

Mother Gazelle & Baby

Mother Cow & Calf: BeccaH

Mother Cow & Calf

Mother Swan & Babies: pixel2013

Mother Swan & Babies

Mother Goat & Baby: Katzenfee50

Mother Goat & Baby

Mother Cheetah & Babies: carolehenderson

Mother Cheetah & Babies

Mother Bird & Babies: Gellinger

Mother Bird & Babies

Mother Tiger & Babies: Gellinger

Mother Tiger & Babies

Mother Vicuña & Baby: falco

Mother Vicuña & Baby

Mother Cat & Kitten: Dimhou

Mother Cat & Kitten

Mother Seal & Baby: skeeze

Mother Seal & Baby

Mother Sheep & Baby: Linzmeier1

Mother Sheep & Baby

Children/Future: geralt


Mother & Child: geralt

Mother & Child

Elephant & Baby Orange Art Image: 5187396

Elephant & Baby Orange Art Image

Photograph: D.B. Pacini-Christensen
Photographer: Graham Gardemeyer

Photograph: Tim Christensen
Photographer: D.B. Pacini-Christensen

Logo Starry Blue Image: Tim Christensen

Blue Star: OpenClipart-Vectors

Blue Star

Blue Starry Background: geralt

Blue Starry Background

Vincent van Gogh: StockSnap

Vincent van Gogh

Starry Starry Night By Vincent van Gogh
Public Domain Vincent van Gogh: rawpixel

Starry Starry Night By Vincent van Gogh

Little Girl & Hearts: Alexas_Fotos

Little Girl & Hearts


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