By D. B. Pacini-Christensen

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This is a trio of wonderful children's stories with numerous art illustrations and high quality photographs. Children and young-at-heart adults can read these large print stories.

Most of the text in this book is Comic Sans 18-font bold. It is a popular font for visually impaired and dyslexic readers. It is also a font many young readers can read with ease.

"The Secret Hole" takes four children on an astonishing adventure to Chuckles Village, an enchanting imaginary world where they meet talking animals and sweet people. The children's exciting journey leaves them capable of whistling better than most people in the world, except for Grandpa Tim. But, there is a reason that Grandpa Tim has the extraordinary whistling ability too.

"Falabella" is a story about a miniature horse that is sad because she is smaller than the other horse children at her school. She is laughed at and made fun of because she is different. She has no friends. One day one of her classmates chooses to befriend her, and it changes many lives. This story shows children that friendship can heal a broken heart and can make the world a better place.

Grandpa Tim wrote a song titled, "CC Railroad," for his granddaughter. The story, "CC Railroad," is a compliment to the song. The story has unexpected twists and turns. A little girl and her dad think they are going on a pleasant steam train ride. They meet a girl who is the daughter of the conductor. She assures them that they will see many animals and birds as the train rumbles through the forest.

But, robbers force the train to stop; they kidnap everyone except the two girls who are able to quickly hide. With encouragement from wild horses that run beside the tracks, the girls bravely journey throughout the night with one goal in mind --- they are going to get their dads back and rescue everyone!

Grandpa Tim's "CC Railroad" song:

CC Railroad

Written & Recorded by Tim Christensen
© All Rights Reserved

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D.B. Pacini-Christensen

2019: D.B. Pacini-Christensen is a vocalist and a published writer. She writes novels, novellas, short stories, poetry, songs, and literary/music reviews. She has a passion for photographing live performances. Many of her music photographs are on websites and in print publications. For eleven years she and her husband Tim have co-hosted a monthly open mic music showcase. They have also co-hosted numerous poetry showcases. In 2004 they started A Starry Night Productions.

Book Editing
Layout - Cover Design

By Tim Christensen

2019: Tim Christensen, a retired high school English teacher, is a guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, photographer, copy editor, graphic artist, and web designer.

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We did our best to give credit to the original photographers and illustrators for the images included in this book. If we have not properly credited an original photographer or illustrator, please notifiy us and we will make the appropriate changes necessary.


Cover Credits

Front & Back Book Covers
Tim Christensen

Front/Hole & Sky: Skitterphoto

Front/Hole & Sky

Front/Horses & Rainbow Heart:
Zara Edwards

Front/Train: ArtTower


Back/Rainbow Photograph Frame:
Zara Edwards

D.B. Pacini-Christensen/Photograph:
By Tim Christensen

Inside Book

Rainbow Heart: Zara Edwards

Bug Divider: ArtsyBee

Bug Divider

Front/Hole & Sky: Skitterphoto

Front/Hole & Sky

Front/Horses & Rainbow Heart:
Zara Edwards

Front/Train: ArtTower


The Secret Hole

Story Cover Design: Tim Christensen

Hole & Sky: Skitterphoto

Hole & Sky

Girl Giraffe: OpenClipart-Vectors

Girl Giraffe

Under Construction: Josethestoryteller

Under Construction

Rooster: ulleo


Hole & Sky: Skitterphoto

Hole & Sky

Sky & Clouds: Engin_Akyurt

Sky & Clouds

Cottage: VinnyCiro


Door Lock: phtorxp

Door Lock

Clothes on Clothesline: JillWellington

Clothes on Clothesline

Mother Cat & Kitten: undermind

Mother Cat & Kitten

Mother Dog & Puppy: shanblan4

Mother Dog & Puppy

Tree: GeorgeB2


Carousel: LunarSeaArt


Mountains: rottonara


Ocean & Sun: mikegi

Ocean & Sun

Baby Mermaid: Comfreak

Baby Mermaid

Two Seagulls: Screamenteagle

Two Seagulls

Sky Castle & Clouds: SarahRichterArt

Sky Castle & Clouds

Girl Giraffe: OpenClipart-Vectors

Girl Giraffe

Heart Lips: GDJ

Heart Lips

Horse: Nikitax11


Bird & Accordion: OpenClipart-Vectors

Bird & Accordion

Woman & Pomegranates: Twinee1

Woman & Pomegranates

Sad Girl: Prawny

Sad Girl

Porcelain Tea Set: Brett_Hondow

Porcelain Tea Set

Silver Spoon: Counselling

Silver Spoon

Peacock: LoggaWiggler


Puppy: Beatriz57


Birds: Dieter_G


Frog: Alexandra_Koch



Story Cover Design: Tim Christensen

Story Cover Art: Zara Edwards

Once Upon A Time Design:
D.B. Pacini-Christensen

Once Upon A Time Horse:
Zara Edwards

Gray Horse & Flower: Zara Edwards

Brown Horse & Flower: Zara Edwards

Horses & Ball: Zara Edwards

Horse/Birthday Present: Zara Edwards

Rainbow Heart: Zara Edwards

Best Friend Necklaces: Zara Edwards

CC Railroad

Story Cover Design: Tim Christensen

Story Cover Train: ParentRap

Story Cover Train

Child's Shoes: SpencerWing

Child's Shoes

Bug Divider (x2): ArtsyBee

Bug Divider

Girl: JenDigitalArt


CC Railroad Logo: Tim Christensen

Train/CC Design: Tim Christensen

Train: ParentRap


Train Tracks: TheDigitalArtist

Train Tracks

Rainbow & River: ArtTower

Rainbow & River

Rabbit: julie_vy12


Bug Divider: ArtsyBee

Bug Divider

Owl: bluegate


Raccoon: Alexas_Fotos


Fawn/Deer: Gellinger


Squirrel: Alexas_Fotos


Fox: Alexas_Fotos


Bear & Fish: lynnea

Bear & Fish

Bear Cub: thepoorphotographer

Bear Cub

Cloudy Train Tracks: Larisa-K

Cloudy Train Tracks

Train: skeeze


Horses & Rainbow: skeeze

Horses & Rainbow

CC Railroad Logo: Tim Christensen

Train: Beautiful-Moments


Twilight Sky & Pink Moon: AlainAudet

Twilight Sky & Pink Moon

Train: ArtTower


Running Horses: Sydblees

Running Horses

Bird/Train Tracks/Castle: j_lloa

Bird/Train Tracks/Castle

Tiny Horse: caracme

Tiny Horse

The End/Train Tracks: geralt

The End/Train Tracks

Rainbow Heart & Horses:
Zara Edwards

Zara Edwards/Photograph:
By Tonya Tacla

2019: My name is Zara Edwards. I am a sixteen-year-old high school junior. After school my favorite activity is drawing. Since I was little I have loved drawing, but I didn't take art seriously until the seventh grade. My favorite things to illustrate are video game and TV show characters, self-portraits, and some abstract art. My favorite medium is markers; however, I work with numerous mediums. This is my second opportunity to illustrate for a book, and I am very excited about it. Art is my hobby, but I would like to utilize it more when I'm older, by possibly becoming an architect.

D.B. Pacini-Christensen/Photograph:
By Tim Christensen

Rainbow Photograph Frame:
Zara Edwards

Tim Christensen/Photograph:
By D.B. Pacini-Christensen

Logo Starry Blue Image:
Tim Christensen

Blue Star: OpenClipart-Vectors

Blue Star

Blue Starry Background: geralt

Blue Starry Background

Vincent van Gogh Quote/Design: Tim Christensen

Colorful Background: Schueler-Design

Colorful Background

Sunflowers: susannp4



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