By D. B. Pacini-Christensen

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We hope you will enjoy this book. We tried to make it a stimulating collection of intriguing stories and unique poems for discerning readers who appreciate and respect animals, who are grateful for the creativity they have inherited from gifted ancestors, who understand the strength of love, who recognize the consequences that are sometimes associated with getting away with murder, who truly relish enchantment, fantasy, and humor, and this book is especially for those who have a genuine affection for words. The text is mostly 16-font to help make reading easier for visually impaired and dyslexic readers.

Dedicated To Lee Wageman



D.B. Pacini-Christensen

2019: D.B. Pacini-Christensen is a vocalist and a published writer. She writes novels, novellas, short stories, poetry, songs, and literary/music reviews. She has a passion for photographing live performances. Many of her photographs are on websites and in print publications. For eleven years she and her husband Tim have co-hosted a monthly open mic music showcase. They have also co-hosted numerous poetry showcases. In 2004 they started A Starry Night Productions.

Book Editing
Layout - Cover Design

By Tim Christensen

2019: Tim Christensen, a retired high school English teacher, is a guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, photographer, and web designer.

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Before His Eyes
Horse Illustration

By Joyce Francis

2019: My first experience with drawing was when I was in the fourth grade. Our teacher asked us to draw the face of the person across the table from us.

My drawing was simple but I was excited that the face was recognizable. I realized that I had discovered something I loved to do!

My primary art medium is pencil, and I mostly draw from pictures. My favorite subject matter is faces, especially very old, wrinkled human faces and animal faces because they have poignant and expressive character. The first portrait I was paid to draw was of a dog. My most recent commissioned piece was a drawing of a horse (not the horse in this book).

I met my late husband of 31 years at an art show at a local mall. He was an excellent watercolor painter and had been doing mall art shows all over the United States for some time. My desire to explore his bohemian lifestyle was irresistible. We discussed what it takes to embrace being frequently on the road to set up mall art shows. Our ultimate goal was to see all of the USA together.

We traveled around the country for six wonderful years to all of the states, except Alaska. God willing, perhaps someday I will make it to Alaska too. If not, no worries, I have a lifetime of wonderful memories.

I still draw but now I draw mostly for fun. I still do some commissioned work, and I take time to enjoy my art endeavors.


Loving Somebody
Rose Illustrations

By Beverly Jane (BJ) Field

2019: I was born in Oakland, Maryland. At age seven I began drawing, and by high school I was painting with oils.

As an adult I took part in arts and crafts shows, did one-person shows, and commission work in Spokane, Washington.

My specialties are plaques of roses, whimsical children, and praying children. My canvases are mostly snow scenes. My roses are drawings from real roses, and my children and snow scenes come from my imagination.

Being an artist helps me share the beauty that I see in the world. I now live in Lodi, California and currently do commission work and personal art projects.

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The Wagon Lady

Lee Wageman

2019: Lee Wageman is a lifelong resident of the Central Valley in California. He is a talented and admired country, gospel, and bluegrass musician, vocalist, and songwriter.

Lee and his wife Marlene have been married for 57 years. They have two children and eight grandchildren.

On behalf of numerous Central Valley musicians, we thank Lee and Marlene for the encouragement they have generously given and for the years of wonderful music they have shared with others.



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Front & Back Book Covers
Tim Christensen

Front/Back Covers:
Black & White Pencils

Pencils Photograph

Vintage Frame/Back Cover: GDJ

Vintage Frame

Star: OpenClipart-Vectors
(Star appears throughout the book.)


Page Divider: GDJ
(Divider appears throughout the book.)


Desert Cacti: enriquelopezgarre

Desert Cacti

Horse Head Illustration: Joyce Francis

Motel Sign: hale2517

Motel Sign

Static & TV Images Combined: Tim Christensen

Static: geralt


TV: Clker-Free-Vector-Images


Illustrations of Roses: Bev Field

Lake Cabin: csharker

Lake Cabin

Pencils & Manuscripts: kaboompics

Pencils & Manuscripts

San Francisco, California Bus

San Francisco, California Bus

Cat Face: Alexas_Fotos

Cat Face

Cow: Gorkhs


Ocean Wave/Sky/Seabirds: sipa

Ocean Wave/Sky/Seabirds

Heart - Couple Kissing: Martina_Tambalo

Heart - Couple Kissing

Alligator: rauschenberger


Grandpa Was A Storyteller: cdd20

Grandpa Was A Storyteller

Talking About Words: PDPics

Talking About Words

I Want To Be The Poem: DarkWorkX

I Want To Be The Poem

The Poet's Heart: _vane_

The Poet's Heart

Oh! Illustration: Tim Christensen

Photograph/D.B. Pacini-Christensen
By Tim Christensen

Photograph/Tim Christensen
By D.B. Pacini-Christensen

Photograph/Joyce Francis
By D.B. Pacini-Christensen

Photograph/Beverly Jane (BJ) Field
Courtesy of Beverly Jane (BJ) Field

Photograph/Lee Wageman
By D.B. Pacini-Christensen

Sea/Vincent van Gogh Quote: RyanMcGuire

Sea/Vincent van Gogh Quote


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